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It's time to...
Catch 2016
...your Dream, your Life, your Business


More than 800 completed applications from 32 countries have been


No new applications can be acepted

Exceptions only through strongly regulated WILDCARD process

CATCH is the Foundcenter Investment Belgrade flagship event where investment meets innovation, a three day event with the focus on pitch challenge.

Start date: 27.09.2016 End date: 29.09.2016
Opening time: 09.00 h Closing time: 19.00 h
Location: Jugoslovenska kinoteka Beograd Address: Uzun Mirkova 1

Disclaimer FoundCenter Investment is obliged to keep confidential all and any information on business activities related to the new business ideas (throughout start-up businesses etc.), transactions, Read more...



it Health technology SerbiaSerbia

Medical advice a click away


it IT Ukraine / SpainUkraine / Spain

Solution for simplifying integration with 3rd party APIs.

Friend Recap

it IT SerbiaSerbia

Be a better friend-generates all social networks of 8 closest friends.



it Health technology SerbiaSerbia

Device with smartphone support for recording electrical brain activity in an unrestricted environment.

Ci Gel

it Natural resources & Agriculture SerbiaSerbia

CI Gel is a powdered additive which is used for fire extinguishing and preventing its further spread.


it IT SerbiaKosovo

Desktop 3d printing solution.



it IT SerbiaArmenia

Provide backup and disaster recovery services in the easiest way possible; saving time and securing data.


it Mobility SerbiaCroatia

Fast and easy bus search, comparison, and booking.

Self-preservation drying technology

it Natural resources & Agriculture SerbiaSerbia

Healthy fruit and vegetable processing through New Generation Drying Chambers.

Good game arena

it IT SerbiaSerbia

Competitive gaming platform enabling Esport enthusiasts to play for a living.


it IT SerbiaBulgaria

Early tech education by making it personal and relevant for kids.


it Business products SerbiaSerbia

System for controlled production of oxyhydrogen gas as additive for removing carbon deposits of Internal Combustion (IC) engines.

Strawberry energy

it Mobility SerbiaSerbia

Creating smart cities by improving urban infrastructure.


it IT SerbiaGermany

Cloud and mobile based real estate CRM for real estate agents with real-time analytics and digital marketing.


it IT SerbiaSerbia

Advanced security processing engine.

Nearby Hostel

it Mobility SerbiaCroatia

Mobile hostel, the future of festival accommodation

Circle Money

it Business products SerbiaCroatia

Enables companies to engage in multilateral compensations and close circle of claims and debts between participants.